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Car Wreck in WV Leaves Five Injured

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Five people were transported to a local hospital after a car wreck in Wayne County, West Virginia (WV) May 2. The accident occurred near the entrance to Sugarwood Golf Club on WV 152.

According to the West Virginia State Police, a Dodge Durango with a driver and three passengers was going north on WV 152, a two lane road. It smashed into a Chevrolet El Camino that also was going north. That vehicle was turning left into the golf course entrance.


The El Camnio’s front end was smashed, and the rear window was smashed. The front tire on the driver’s side also was torn off. Various fluids from that vehicle leaked on the side of the road.

The Dodge Durango careened about 150 feet off the road, eventually coming to rest in a dry creek bad that was flooded only a day earlier.

The driver of the Durango was able to get out of the SUV on his own. The three passengers were trapped and had to be pulled out by first responders.

The driver of the other vehicle, as well as the four from the SUV were taken to a local hospital. The names of the injured and their injuries are not known at this time.

The state police stated that alcohol was thought to be a factor in the wreck, and charges are pending.

It was fortunate, the trooper noted, that there were good Samaritans who happened by the accident and helped out. A roofing crew that was driving by came across the crash, and used ropes and pulleys from its roofing truck to prevent the Durango from turning over.

Traffic on WV 152 was backed up for a mile, until the road was cleared at approximately 3 PM.

We hope that all of the injured in this unfortunate accident make a speedy recovery.