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Eastern Shore SUV-Motorcycle Accident is a Reminder That Yielding the Right of Way is Critically Important for Safety

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Corlas Dorel Dennis was enjoying a ride on his motorcycle heading down Route 13 in Temperanceville on the Eastern Shore when his life came to an abrupt and tragic end.  A Chevy Suburban suddenly pulled onto Route 13 from Saxis Road directly in the path of Mr. Dennis. The two vehicles collided and Mr. Dennis suffered the brunt of the damage.

Mr. Dennis’ injuries were so severe that a Nightingale had to be called to the scene. Mr. Dennis was taken to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Maryland, where he later died, according to WAVY.com.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Dennis family. Losing someone you love is always heartbreaking, but the pain is made that much worse when your loved one is taken from you in a sudden, unexpected accident.

The driver of the Suburban was charged with failure to yield right of way. This falls under Virginia Code § 46.2-863 and constitutes reckless driving.

This tragic accident illustrates the importance of exercising caution and yielding before entering a road. Unfortunately, far too many drivers ignore this important safety rule. When I’m driving down Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach Boulevard, Diamond Springs Road, etc. I regularly see people throw caution to the wind and veer onto a road without ever stopping to see if another vehicle is approaching. It’s extremely dangerous and, as this accident shows, can have deadly consequences.