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Personal Injury/Car Accident Law: What Insurance Companies Must Pay for Car Accident Damage, Rental Cars, Or In Cases of Total Loss of The Car

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Because our Virginia/Carolina personal injury law firm only practices injury law we field weekly phone calls from personal injury victims with questions about how claims adjusters with car insurance companies must compensate you for car property damage or cars totaled in car and truck accident cases, as well as rental car questions. (For answers about what compensation is allowed for personal injuries in a car accident, including a video explaining how a perfectly legal double or triple recovery of certain medical expenses is permissible, click here.)

Some of the common questions about car damage problems are:

How much does the insurance company owe me if my car is a total loss?

What must the claims adjuster pay for major body/property damage to my car?

How do I figure out full value for my totaled car?

Does the claims adjuster have to provide a rental car while my car is being repaired?

For the full and complete article, click here.

The article discusses that if a vehicle is a total loss, you must check the NADA value (www.NADA.com) to determine, at the month and year that your damage occurred, the retail value of your vehicle with its mileage, options and accessories. A second source to check the retail value of your vehicle, if damaged or totaled, is www.Edmunds.com , another site that allows you to enter the appropriate data. Note that the insurance company must pay the retail value, not the trade in or wholesale value.

In summary, our personal injury lawyers will assist any of our personal injury clients with information and guidance as to how to best handle damage to their car, total loss to your car, rental cars, and similar questions that arise while we are representing you for your personal injury claim whether in Virginia (VA), North/South Carolina (NC/SC), West Virginia (WV) or beyond.

Shapiro, Cooper Lewis & Appleton personal injury law firm is based in Virginia practicing primarily in the southeastern U.S. and handles only injury law, including car, truck, railroad, and medical negligence cases and more. The law firm’s “main” website is: hsinjurylaw.com, the firm edits two injury law blogs: Virginia Beach Injuryboard & Norfolk Injuryboard, and also hosts a video library covering many FAQ’s on personal injury subjects on our main law firm website.