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Shore Drive Car-Bike Accident Leads to Injuries

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A bike rider was injured after being hit by a vehicle traveling down Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) this weekend. The car was trying to avoid hitting another vehicle on the road when the at-fault driver hit the bicyclist. Shore Drive was temporarily shut down because of the accident, according to the Virginian-Pilot. This is the second bike accident reported in the past week. A Norfolk,. VA cyclist collided and scraped the side of the new light rail train in downtown Norfolk. Another bicyclist was involved in an accident earlier this month that also occurred on Shore Drive.

Shore Drive has always been a hazardous route for bicyclists and pedestrians alike. Last year, a young teacher was killed when crossing the street late at night. Since then, Virginia Beach lowered the speed limit from 45 mph to 35 mph, in hopes of reducing accidents. Sadly, this winding, picturesque road seems to attract speeding drivers.

As Virginia Beach personal injury lawyers who have handled bike accident injury cases, we understand the dangers associated with sharing the road. Motorists, especially on Shore Drive, have a responsibility to share the road with bike riders. Until lawmakers decide to enforce a wider passing distance, it is the driver’s resposibility to provide a safe enough distance between vehicle and bicycle.