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Texting And Driving: Cause of Crashes, Bans On the Way

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The new epidemic in Virginia, Carolina and every road and highway is the chronic texting multi-tasking car, truck or even bus driver. These texting drivers pose a risk of injury or death to other motorists. You’ve seen them on the highway, one hand on the steering wheel, the other on their phone, Blackberry or Palm Pilot scanning, and sometimes even, typing emails as they make their way through traffic. Or maybe you’ve been next to the novice driver in her late teens, fresh out of Driver’s Ed, texting her friends while attempting to drive, her license still hot off the DMV press. Though differing in their tasks, these types of drivers will inevitably cause the same unfortunate result, a crash.

Several states are considering banning texting, and in my home state of Virginia the ban takes effect during the summer of 2009. It is bound to save lives.

This is actualvideo footage of a texting bus driver

texting bus driver

and the texting bus driver’s reaction after knowing the crash was caused by not paying full attention.

Lessons are learned the hard way sometimes. Try to use this as a lesson to avoid texting while driving. Wait till the red light or pull over.

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