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Virginia Beach Pedestrian Struck and Killed By Drunk SUV Driver Whom was Being Followed by Police

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David Lucas was struck down and killed by a drunk driver while he was walking along Great Neck Rd last Thursday April 23rd. Police have indicated the pedestrian was killed at the intersection of Virginia Beach Boulevard and Great Neck Road. The victim was identified as David Paul Lucas, 57, of Virginia Beach.

The driver, 25-year-old Brandon Wayne Meck, was driving a Nissan Xterra SUV, which fatally struck Lucas at about 10:30 that night. Brandon Meck has been charged with drunken driving and felony hit and run, according to police records.

Authorities report that he is charged with driving with a blood alcohol content greater than .20. The legal limit to drive in Virginia is .08.

According to the police report Lucas was struck when he crossed illegally at North Great Neck Road. He sustained critical injuries from the SUV strike and died at the hospital on Friday. Lucas’s last known address was in the 5500 block of Forestview Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA).

Apparently, there was a Virginia Beach police officer behind the SUV when the incident occurred, said Officer Jimmy Barnes, a police spokesman. There was no comment on exactly why the drunk driver was not pulled over prior to the accident.

It should be noted that the officer witnessed the SUV striking the victim, which he then, immediately stopped to render assistance and aid, the spokesperson said. Earlier, an unidentified witness had followed the SUV and reported its license plate and direction to police, who subsequently pulled it over near Lynnhaven Parkway and arrested Meck, according to Jimmy Barnes.

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