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Virginia Beach (VA) police chase ends with driver’s death


Another high-speed police chase in the Hampton Roads of Virginia (VA) has ended tragically – with the death Saturday of Reginald M. Butler of Virginia Beach.

Saturday’s chase was one of a number of recent chases. In September, my colleague Jim Lewis wrote about a lengthy chase that went from Virginia Beach to Norfolk and back to the Beach.

And in July, my colleague Randy Appleton wrote about a high-speed chase that started in Chesapeake and ended in Newport News.

The chase started when Virginia Beach police tried to pull Butler over near the intersection of Lynnhaven Parkway and Princess Anne Road shortly before 2 a.m., WAVY-TV reported.

A police officer wanted to stop Butler for speeding, WVEC-TV reported, but Butler would not pull over.

Instead, authorities said, Butler led police on a three-mile chase at speeds as high as 100 miles an hour.

Butler led police west on Lynnhaven – passing within a block of his own home in the process – but lost control of his car shortly after he crossed Indian River Road and went off the road to the right, The Virginian-Pilot reported.

Butler overcorrected, went off the road to the left, rolled over and crashed into the home at 1701 Chilhowie Circle, on the corner of Chilhowie and Lynnhaven.

Butler was thrown from his car and was pronounced dead at the scene. He lived in the 1600 block of Handcross Way, The Pilot reported.

While I support police efforts to keep the roads safe, I hope officers use common sense when engaging in these high-speed chases.

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  1. Grape Ape says:
    up arrow

    High speed chases over traffic violations, or similar minor crimes, that end in the driver being killed in a wreck (or a hail of bullets) is
    unnecessary. These cops know who they are chasing, and could follow from a safe distance using “tailng” methods used by the FBI, DEA, and many other agencies. A safe arrest can be made after the driver feels safe enough to stop and get out of the vehicle. Besides, most of the beach cops are really lousy drivers at best, and should never engage in high speed chases.

  2. How says:
    up arrow

    I understand the “police bad” angle, but if Mr Butler went through a stationary radar at 100mph and an officer has to catch up to him and does so successfully within 3 miles how long was the actual “chase”?

    Most likely what you are looking at is a guy driving recklessly and crashing recklessly to avoid responsibility and an attorney opining about something she probably shouldn’t.

  3. How says:
    up arrow

    2.6 miles from Home Depot at PA/Lynnhaven Parkway..100 MPH..Less than a minute and a half of TOTAL “pursuit” and the majority of that was most likely the officer ACCELERATING TO REACH the vehicle..

  4. Grape Ape says:
    up arrow

    This does NOT appear to be a high speed chase. I agree, this looks like an attempted pursuit that ended before it really even started. Too bad the idiot had to die (regardless of the reasons).

    But… I still believe that most of the beach cops are really lousy drivers at best, and should never engage in high speed chases.

  5. Lumpkin says:
    up arrow

    I guess if you were not there and do not have the entire story than you should really keep your comments to yourself. Your opinions are at best juvenile. Maybe it would be a good idea if you are being pulled over you should act like an adult and take responsibility instead of drinking, speeding and not wearing your seatbelt. Oh and Grape Ape, if the beach officers are such lousy drivers why didn’t the officer crash??? I guess they are better than you think,,,,idiot!

  6. up arrow


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