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Guest Author

CDC: U.S. Has Highest Death Crash Rate

A recent announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that the United States has the highest car crash death rate compared with 19 other high-income comparison countries. Despite the progress the U.S. has made in road […]

Guest Author

Why Attempting to Negotiate with an Insurance Company Without a Lawyer is a Mistake

Mantra of auto insurance claims adjusters and defense attorneys – Delay. Deny. Defend. Simply put, an auto insurance company’s main objective is not compensating you, even if you have documented injuries stemming from a car wreck. In fact, many auto […]

Rick Shapiro

Study: Emotional Driving, Reckless Speeding Top Risk Factors for Serious Car Crashes

A follow-up to a seminal 2009 Virginia Tech study that showed distractions like taking a cell phone can take drivers’ eyes off the road for as long as 24 seconds has revealed that so-called “emotional driving” and speeding recklessly do […]

Guest Author

Does a Prior Injury Effect My Auto Accident Injury Claim?

Moving forward with a personal injury claim after a car accident, while having a pre-existing injury, can be challenging, but is not entirely impossible. The insurance company will likely tell you that your “new” injuries, if they exist at all, […]

Rick Shapiro

Stay Safe on the Roads This Winter

It’s the time of year when the roads get icy, snowy, and treacherous. Though, it’s been rather balmy in Virginia Beach during the “winter” of 2015 (knock on wood). Nevertheless, this blog is meant to provide some essential safety tips […]

Rick Shapiro

Top 10 Civil Justice Stories of 2015, Part One

Attorney-inventor-author Richard N. (Rick) Shapiro frequently blogs at Virginia Beach Legal Examiner and he wrote the 2015 international award winning fiction thriller Taming The Telomeres. In addition to being a published, award-winning author, he a prolific American inventor/product designer. Special […]

Guest Author

Injured in a Car Accident? Important Virginia Auto Insurance Coverage Info

If you or a loved one is involved in a serious car accident, there is likely to be significant property damage to your vehicle and physical injuries requiring medical care. In these unfortunate situations, you will likely need to file […]

Rick Shapiro

How to Document Your Injuries After a Serious Virginia Beach Car Accident

After being involved in a car accident in Virginia Beach, you will probably be shaken up; rightfully so. But, you’re first thought needs to be your physical health and your next thought should be gathering evidence to strengthen your personal […]

Randy Appleton

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

The month of May is dedicated to Motorcycle Safety Awareness, a national safety initiative that focuses on motorists and motorcyclists “sharing the road” with one another. But more and more people are taking a stand and encouraging rider safety, maybe […]

Patrick Austin

Texting Not the Only Distraction for Teen Drivers

A survey of teenaged drivers in the Pacific Northwest revealed that while warnings about the dangers of texting and driving have largely gotten through, much work remains to curb distracted driving among the group most prone to causing, getting injured […]