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Eric Washburn

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Last weekend’s Thanksgiving celebration means the holiday season has officially arrived. That means millions of Americans will be taking to the roads to visit loved ones near and far. According to estimated statistics, approximately 47 million of us traveled 50 […]

Eric Washburn

Damages for Emotional Anguish in a Virginia Car Accident

Over the past few decades, the way the medical community and society looks at mental health challenges has evolved. Emotional and behavioral issues that were once ignored or dismissed are now recognized as valid medical health concerns that are addressed […]

Eric Washburn

Finding Yourself on Thin Ice in Virginia

As December quickly approaches, the news for Virginia is a colder than normal winter this year. To avoid falling victim to a weather-related car accident, it is important to take the time to review some safe winter driving practices. One […]

Eric Washburn

Does Your Job Affect Your Car Accident Risk?

Does the profession you have increase your risk of being in a car crash? It might, according to one study. The statistics of this study are considered so valid, that many insurance companies use them to determine how much a […]

Eric Washburn

Livery Drivers and Distracted Driving Dangers

Technology has made our lives “easier” with smartphones that provide us with the ability to send and check text messages, emails, access GPS, and countless other services and apps. This has also led to the tragic loss of many lives […]

Randy Appleton

Future Damages in a Personal Injury Case: Part I

When a person is injured in an accident or incident caused by the actions of another party, Virginia law says they can file a personal injury claim for financial compensation for those injuries. This compensation is often referred to as […]

Randy Appleton

Avoiding Backover Accidents

One type of pedestrian accident that often has tragic consequences yet could be almost entirely avoidable are backover accidents. These accidents usually occur in parking lots and driveways as a vehicle driver is driving in reverse and hits a person […]

Eric Washburn

How to Protect Yourself from Aggressive Drivers

Road rage and aggressive driving are two of the leading causes of car accidents. In fact, statistics show that almost 70 percent of all traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive drivers. One of the more alarming statistics is that within […]

Randy Appleton

Drivers Who Cause Car Crashes

According to national statistics, the average person will have at least one car accident every 17 years. This comes out to four or five accidents in a person’s lifetime. And with the number of car accidents increasing each year, those […]

Rick Shapiro

Can Textalyzers Help Decrease Distracted Driving Crashes?

Every day in the United States, nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are seriously injured in car crashes caused by distracted drivers. Many safety advocates believe the number is much higher because many drivers don’t admit they were […]