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Randy Appleton

FDA Bans Powdered Surgical Gloves

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a ban on the use of powdered gloves in surgery and other medical and dental procedures. The FDA originally issued a proposal to ban the gloves in March of last year but […]

Rick Shapiro

American Tort Reform Association: A Hack Organization That Consciously Misleads the Public About the Civil Justice System

The American Tort Reform Association (“ATRA”) maintained its standing as the least reputable, overtly partisan, and highly deceptive special interest group in the U.S. with its release of an annual report of so-called “judicial hellholes.” Newport News, Virginia made the […]

Guest Author

Google Glass Makes Appearance In The Emergency Room

Though it isn’t yet publicly for sale, Google Glass has managed to nab headlines during its heavily publicized testing phase. Legislatures across the country have passed or are considering passing measures to outlaw drivers from donning the high-tech glasses in […]

Rick Shapiro

The Top Ten Civil Justice Stories of 2013 (Part 2)

In part two of our second annual countdown of the top 10 civil justice stories of 2013, we continue with the top five, culminating with the biggest civil justice story of the year.  Read part 1 of the top ten […]

Guest Author

How Much is an Apology From a Doctor After Medical Malpractice Worth?

If after months of pain and suffering you found out that your doctor had misdiagnosed an illness, would an apology keep you from filing a medical malpractice claim?   That is the question a new Pennsylvania (PA) state law which goes […]

Guest Author

Claims Concerning Robotic Surgery On The Rise

A recent article discussing robotic surgery mentioned how the trend towards lawsuits against the maker of the popular da Vinci robotic surgical system has taken off in recent years. Law firms across the country have been filing suits in increasing […]

Mark Favaloro

Medical Device Maker Issues Class I Recall After Linking 14 Patient Deaths To Drug Pump

Medical device maker Medtronic revealed that 14 patients have died due to problems associated with its SynchroMed implantable drug pump. The revelations came only a day after the FDA announced that the pump would be recalled over safety concerns. The […]

Jim Lewis

Nearly 50,000 report injuries with Mirena’s IUD

Over the past decade, there have been nearly 50,000 reports of women suffering injuries from using Mirena’s intrauterine device (IUD) as their form of birth control. The devices, which are…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

FDA Issues a Class I Recall of Surgical Staplers

On October 26, 2012, the FDA issued a Class I recall of three different surgical staplers that are manufactured by Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. A Class I recall is the most…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro

Replacement Hip Makers Asked by FDA for More Data About Health Concerns Over Metal in Bloodstream

It’s been discovered that metal particles from hip implants can get into the bloodstream, but it’s unclear whether the levels are high enough to cause problems. This uncertainty…