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Is logging in logging out our children?

It may be time for parents to “check in” on their child’s “status” as growing concern over the use of portable electronic devices raises awareness regarding…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

In the midst of the childhood obesity battle, there's a battle against childhood eating disorders.

There has been a significant amount of talk over the last several years about how to solve the childhood obesity epidemic in our country. Without a doubt, this important children’s…

Rick Shapiro

Watergate 40 Years Later: Lawyer Ethics No Where To Be Found

Imagine that George W. Bush authorized a break-in of the John Kerry campaign headquarters to dig up dirt to use against his campaign.

Or, imagine that President Obama authorized…

Guest Author

Golf Carts Can Be Dangerous, We All Need to Be Reminded

I’ve spent my fair share of hours on golf courses. Even though I'm not very good at the sport, as my friends remind me every chance they get, I find hitting the links to be a great way…

Rick Shapiro

Bruce Springsteen ‘Born To Run’ for NJ Governor in 2013! OMG!

Asbury Park, New Jersey — In a shocking OMG announcement, Bruce Springsteen has formed an exploratory committee to run for governor of New Jersey in 2013. The press conference is scheduled to…

Guest Author

Who Knew Shoes Could Pose Such a Safety Risk?

Right before Christmas 2012, police were called to shopping centers across the country to control mob scenes as thousands of frantic shoppers lined up for the opportunity to part with nearly $200…

Rick Shapiro

Corporate Citizen 2011 Tax Dodging Hall of Shame: Google, Exxon, News Corp.

I am heading a little off topic today. This is about flag waving hypocrisy:

But when the tax man comes to the door,

Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale.


Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

Dram Shop Laws: Should They Apply in All States?

Last week, Major League Soccer player Charlie Davies filed a $20 million lawsuit against the owners of a Washington, D.C. nightclub and the Red Bull company alleging that they are responsible for a…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

Lawsuits Likely as Diabetes Drug Actos is linked to Bladder Cancer

A commonly used drug used to treat diabetes may carry an increased risk of bladder cancer, sparking a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning.

Concerns over patients taking pioglitazone…

Guest Author

Do You Believe You Are Really Speeding at 5 mph Over the Limit?

Many people are habitual speeders, travelling just a few miles over the posted speed limit, maybe even 10 mph over. Of course, even if you are just 1 mph over the speed limit, legally, you can be…