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Rick Shapiro

The Top Ten Civil Justice Stories of 2013 (Part 1)

In our second annual series, we count down the top 10 civil justice stories of 2013, like Dave Letterman, from 10 all the way up to the biggest story of the year at # 1, in our second installment in […]

Randy Appleton

Arbitration Agreements Increasingly Forced On Unsuspecting Consumers

Recently, the American Association for Justice issued an important report outlining how often Americans are forced into arbitration agreements with companies that have attempted to stack the deck against consumers. Though many people are unaware, the vast majority of contracts […]

Mark Favaloro

Danger Of Chemical Restraints In Nursing Homes

A lot of attention has been paid recently to the rampant overuse of powerful antipsychotic medications among many nursing homes across the country for elderly residents suffering from an array of conditions. Though the prescription medications are intended for those […]

Rick Shapiro

Second Circuit Case Highlights Absurdity Of Arbitration Agreements

A recent case decided by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals resulted in a victory for companies that attempt to gain an upper hand by using unfair arbitration agreements to limit consumers’ options. The Court affirmed the power of arbitration […]

Mark Favaloro

Nursing Home Report Card Reveals Alarming Problems Nationwide

The nursing home patient advocacy group, Families for Better Care, recently released its 2013 Nursing Home Report Card. The findings were worrisome for families across the country, but the problems were especially dire in several states, including serious problems here […]

Mark Favaloro

Advice Before Signing A Nursing Home Contract

Everyone understands how difficult it can be to place a loved one in a nursing home facility. The process is often emotional for everyone involved. The elder may have real reservations about giving up a degree of freedom and the […]

Mark Favaloro

New Virginia Law Aims To Help Elderly Victims

Every year there are more than 1,000 cases of financial exploitation of adults in the State of Virginia. The sad reality is elderly individuals are at a great risk of being taken advantage of by caregivers, including both professionals and […]

Mark Favaloro

Virginia Beach In-Home Care Provider Sentenced For Abuse of Elderly Patient

By Mark Favaloro, Virginia (VA) Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

What Happened

In Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) a judge sentenced an in-home care provider for more than a year in jail for the…

Mark Favaloro

Nursing Home Fined for Over Medicating Patients

By Mark Favaloro, Virginia (VA) Personal Injury Lawyer

What Happened

Lincoln Nursing home received a $100,000 from the California Department of Public Health after an investigation of the…

Rick Shapiro

CDC Warns Healthcare Facilities About Danger Of Antibiotic Resistant Superbug

The CDC recently sounded the alarm about the dangers posed by a special strain of bacteria dubbed a “superbug,” given its resistance to most antibiotics.

At least five…