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Eric Washburn

Compounded Dangers of HAZMAT Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer accidents can be particularly dangerous. According to national statistics, there are 5,000 tractor-trailer trucks involved in fatal crashes every year. Another 400,000 crashes occur, leaving victims seriously injured. However, when those vehicles are transporting hazardous materials (HAZMAT), the […]

Rick Shapiro

Common Causes of Virginia Truck Accidents

All lanes of Interstate 95 in Hanover, Va. were closed early Thursday morning, caused by the crash of two tractor trailers. According to Virginia State Police, at approximately 4 a.m., an 18-wheel tractor trailer transporting aluminum slowed down as it […]

Randy Appleton

NTHSA Moves to Prevent Deaths in Rear-End Collisions With Trucks May Fall Short

Driver safety advocates greeted a late-2015 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the use and design of underride guards on commercial trucks with mixed emotions. While all agreed that updating standards for which vehicles must carry […]

Randy Appleton

Should I Give the Truck Insurance Adjuster a Recorded Statement?

No, you should not give the truck insurance adjuster a recorded statement. But, why not?! The short answer is because it’s not in your best interest. Within days of getting into a truck accident, letters and phone calls from the […]

Rick Shapiro

Tragic Wreck Involving Tracy Morgan is a Stark Reminder of the Ramifications Associated with Reckless Tractor-Trailer Operators

UPDATE: Reuters is reporting that the truck driver who caused this awful accident had not slept for over 24 hours. The truck driver, an employee of Wal-Mart, was driving a company truck at the time of the fatal wreck. Driving […]

Patrick Austin

Three Dead, One Injured after Teen Crashes Car into Tractor-Trailer on I-81

An accident with a tractor-trailer on I-81 in Washington County resulted in three deaths and one serious injury. The crash occurred Tuesday evening near the 34-mile marker of southbound I-81. According to Virginia State police, a 19-year-old driving a Toyota […]

Randy Appleton

Dangers of Over-Height Loads Illustrated on I-81 in Virginia

A seemingly bizarre accident sent a woman who had been a passenger in a minivan on I-81 in southwest Virginia (VA) to the hospital with serious injuries. According to police reports cited by the Associated Press, the boom of a crane […]

Patrick Austin

Big Rig Plunges Off Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Driver Dies

A tractor trailer hit a maintenance vehicle and a light pole on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel last Thursday at 10 am, plunging off the bridge into the bay below. The driver of the truck was killed. The VA Beach […]

Randy Appleton

Under-Ride Guards Receive Scrutiny From Safety Regulators

The National Transportation Safety Board recently announced it would recommend that companies take action to strengthen an important piece of safety equipment on tractor-trailers. The new recommendations concern under-ride guards that have previously been found to fail and lead to […]

Jim Lewis

New Federal Rules on Truck Driver Hours Stir Controversy

The trucking industry is seeing a lot of division about new federal mandates that put a firmer limit on the numbers of hours that truck drivers may drive in one stretch. The purpose of the new rules is to reduce […]