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Tight Deadlines Make Truck Drivers More Likely to Be in a Rush During The Holidays

The holiday season is always a dangerous time for drivers. Heavy traffic and drunk driving lead to large numbers of fatalities. However, those aren’t the only factors that lead to driving…

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Big Rig Truck Drivers – Fear and Loathing on the Highway

No one wants to drive next to an eighteen-wheeler on the highway. The scariest thing of all is riding between two tractor-trailer trucks in a typical eleven foot wide lane like Interstate 64 (I-64)…

Rick Shapiro

Trucking Crossroads: Interstate I-81 in Virginia Scene of Spate of Trucking Accidents

It is a widely-known fact that trucks can be dangerous vehicles, and a recent series of accidents on I-81 in the western part of Virginia (VA) has illustrated this fact in a very grim way:

Jim Lewis

Commercial vehicles being stopped in Virginia Beach

Police in Virginia Beach stopped commercial truck drivers on Interstate 264 this morning as part of a concerted safety effort, The Virginian-Pilot reported.
The Virginia Beach Police Department’s…

Rick Shapiro

Tractor-Trailer-Bus Accidents-Danger on the Highways

Note: see also the automobile accidents category.
Big rigs, large trucks, semis, tractor trailers, and 18 wheelers are some of the ways that we refer to the giant, automotive machinery that runs…

Shannon Weidemann

Truck Accident Leaves One Dead

A Swift Transportation Company truck and a Philip Sims Trucking truck collided in an accident that caused a multi car pile up on Interstate 80 west of North Platte, Nebraska. The accident occured on Monday February 12th. Slick roads and poor visibility led to hazardous road conditions and at least three tractor trailers and two passenger cars were involved in the accidents in the eastbound…

Rick Shapiro

What Makes Trucking Injury Claims Different?

Due to the huge size, weight, and speed at which trucks and tractor-trailers travel on our nation’s highways, accidents involving motor vehicles, cars, trucks and trailers can be catastrophic or even fatal. Tracking down the proper entity, or just the proper insurance sources, can be frustrating. Also, there are numerous federal and state regulations that govern trucking activities and motor…

Staff Writer

State Rejects Memorial At Site of Trucking Accident

The state of Virginia recently struck down proposed memorials at the sites of three fatal trucking accidents. While this might sound ridiculous – that the state wouldn’t allow memorials at the sites of fatal crashes – the catch is that the memorials were proposed by People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The animal rights group had proposed memorials at sites in Suffolk and Isle…