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Patrick Austin

Newport News Pedestrian Hit and Killed by SUV

A man walking on Jefferson Ave. in Newport News Saturday morning was hit by an SUV and died shortly thereafter. According to the Newport News Police, the man was walking southbound in the middle of the road in the 12,000 […]

Rick Shapiro

Former Survivor Contestant Killed on the Job in Railroad Accident

There is sad news for fans of the “Survivor” television series.  Caleb Bankston a contestant on the show in 2013 was crushed between two railroad cars.  He was an engineer for the Alabama Warrior Railway.  While checking on something between […]

Rick Shapiro

What Constitutes Grounds for a Wrongful Death Civil Lawsuit?

A recent decision in favor of the plaintiff in a Virginia civil lawsuit illustrates one of the more unique grounds for bringing, and succeeding with, a wrongful death claim. Jurors essentially determined that the defendant had been negligent in failing […]

Guest Author

Boating Accident in North Carolina Spurs Lawsuit

Attorneys in Guilford County, North Carolina have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a man who lost his three year-old child, his pregnant wife and her brother in a boating accident on High Rock Lake over this past Memorial Day. […]

Rick Shapiro

NY: DUI on Conditional License Now a Felony

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill last week that is going to strengthen what is known in the state as Leandra’s Law. That law imposed tough penalties on people who operate a vehicle while under the influence of […]

Jim Lewis

Will incriminating evidence be preserved if I get hurt?

The spoliation of evidence is the intentional or negligent withholding, hiding, altering, or destroying of evidence relating to a legal proceeding. Such spoliation has two potential…

Guest Author

US Coast Guard Release Recreational Boating Accident and Fatality Statistics

The 2011 Recreational Boating Statistics from the United States Coast Guard reveal there was a decrease in accidents, but an increase in deaths. In 2011, there were a total of 4588 recreational…

Guest Author

Alexandria Pedestrian Struck by Amtrak Train

What Happened

Just south of Alexandria, Virginia (VA) a man was struck and killed by an Amtrak Train.

The accident took place between Backlick Road and the Beltway on February 7,…

Rick Shapiro

Autopsy Reform Needed: Mysterious Deaths and Family Autopsy Rights

A story of a mysterious, unexplained hospital death in Texas has placed a spotlight on the need for autopsy rights and autopsy reforms. According to an article by Marshall Allen, Jerry…

Rick Shapiro

Private Railroad Crossing Draws Concern Following Fatal Suffolk, VA Train Crash

For a week after a CSX train collided with a tractor-trailer at a railroad crossing in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), and killed the truck driver, details about where and how the deadly crash occurred…