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Over 20,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Tainted with E. coli.

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National Beef has issued a recall for 23,000 pounds of E. coli-tainted product, the FDA reported. The voluntary recall, which concerns three variants of ten-pound packages of beef produced in a Kansas plant, was categorized as “Class 1,” meaning consuming the product can result in serious health repercussions and even death.

There have been no reported illnesses associated with the allegedly-tainted beef, and National Beef has made it clear that the recall is voluntary. Still, the meat could be incredibly dangerous, and it’s a fact that e. coli outbreaks happen with startling frequency. Last month a nineteen-state outbreak sickened 35 people due to Rich Products Corporations’ Farm Rich, Market Day and Schwan’s frozen food products; earlier this month, a Mexican restaurant in Illinois sickened as much as seventeen people from E. coli-contaminated meat.

The FDA’s “Bad Bug Book” states that E. Coli (fully-titled Escherichia coli 0157:H7) are likely to contaminate undercooked ground beef, raw milk, salami, lettuce and alfalfa sprouts, among other types of foods. Symptoms range from severe cramping, vomiting and/or fever; the disease affects the human body by attacking and degrading the lining of the intestine. National Beef’s recall was appropriate in this case, as E. coli can be an incredibly debilitating disease