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Hormone Replacement Therapy May Increase Risk of Cancer

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The use of hormone replacement therapy to treat menopause increases womens’ risk of cancer by thirty to seventy percent, according to researchers.

Hormone replacement therapy is used by women undergoing menopause in order to alleviate symptoms such as joint pain and hot flashes. However, the use of the medication has been linked to a thirty percent increase of the chance of developing meningioma, the most common type of brain tumor; using the medication for a decade or more may raise that risk as high as seventy percent.

HRT can give rise to other, more common symptoms such as headaches, fluctuations in appetite and acne; there is also research showing that heart attack, stroke and breast cancer can also result from HRT use. Experts recommend that women who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy utilize the smallest possible dose for the shortest amount of time in order to lessen the risks associated with the drugs. Additionally, research from several years ago suggests that the younger a woman is when she begins HRT, the less likely she will be to develop dangerous symptoms or side effects than older women undergoing the same treatment.