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Jury Awards $2.3 Million for Doctor’s Mistake That Led to a Stroke

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As a Virginia Beach, VA, medical malpraactice and personal injury lawyer, I know that doctor mistakes can have life-altering consequences for patients. Recently, improper care by a Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital doctor in Virginia left Jeffrey R. Shield, 57, living in pain 24 hours a day.

Shield went to the Riverside emergency room seeking treatment of “neurological symptoms” on December 26, 2006. Dr. Elizabeth J. Rogers told him he had a migraine and sent him home with instructions to take aspirin. Only two days later, Shield suffered a stroke that left him with a permanent pain syndrome. He is literally in pain for 24 hours a day.

Last week, a Northampton County, Virginia (VA), jury agreed that Rogers failed to properly care for, test, and treat Shield. The patient was awarded $2.3 million. Congratulations to Shield’s attorney, William L. Perkins III, for a job well done.

While the jury award will cover Shield’s resultant medical expenses and ease some of his pain and suffering, it will not undo the grave medical mistake that cost Shield his previous quality of life. Having seen countless medical errors by doctors in my career as a medical malpractice attorney, my deepest sympathy goes out to Shield. I commend the Eastern Shore of Virginia jury on making the right call and helping to do justice. Such verdicts make us all more safe when we get medical care, as they require all doctors to follow the known patient safety rules at all times.


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