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5 Million Dollar Award for Maine Electrical Worker Suffering Electrical Injury

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A Maine crane operator was awarded almost $5 million in damages by a judge as a result of injuries suffered in an electrical accident in a boatyard. Bryan Smith was operating a crane and moving a sailboat when the mast of the boat contacted a power line that had high voltage running through it. The judge in the case found that Central Maine Power caused the accident as the power line was situated about 15 feet closer to the ground level than appropriate. Due to the serious electrical current that went through his body, the judge awarded Smith $3 million in damages for loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, more than $1 million in lost earnings, and $783,000 for past and future medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Our Virginia/Carolina injury law firm recently resolved by settlement a serious electrical injury case involving a commercial pilot who suffered serious electrical injury after being electrically shocked in a hotel shower-due to an electrical short received from an open light bulb socket above the shower. Electrical shock injuries can cause permanent injuries, and worse of course, electrocution (death from electrical shock). Injuries from a serious electrical shock (electricians, construction activity workers and those working around electrical wiring are most susceptible to shock injuries, but even those not involved with such work can be victims of these electrical shock injury claims) can cause all sorts of permanent neurological/nerve injuries and a wide array of medical symptoms. In our last electrical shock injury case, numerous medical experts experienced with shock injuries were retained to best present our client’s proof of permanent injuries. Our law firm has been involved in personal injury cases throughout the eastern United States, and has retained both nationally and internationally recognized experts in the field, as may be necessary to prove our client’s damages.