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If you’re currently taking Zicam nasal spray or have taken Zicam nasal spray, consult your physician immediately. The FDA recently warned consumers about Zicam and its connection to a permanent side effect – the complete loss of smell, known clinically as anosmia.

Matrixx Corp. produces Zicam nasal spray and has been entangled in legal battles over the harmful side effects of their product. In 2006, Maxtrixx agreed to a $12 million settlement with over 300 plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit, according to

Approximately 400 lawsuits have been filed against Matrixx Corp. due to Zicam nasal spray since 2003, according to The Washington Post. There were even some users who stated they lost their ability to smell and taste after using Zicam nasal spray just one time.

In August of 2005, Matrixx settled a Zicam lawsuit that went to trial, brought by a 42-year-old Los Angeles computer consultant. An undisclosed payment was awarded to the plaintiff.

Here’s a video of people talking about their loss of smell due to Zicam:


Medical experts have known since 1938 that zinc can harm smell tissue in high doses. In fact, Canadian doctors used a zinc nasal solution to kill the sense of smell in children as part of an experiment to prevent polio, according to The Washington Post.

This isn’t the first-time a zinc-based nasal spray caused serious side effects. Cold-Eeze, a nasal spray with zinc as its primary ingredient, had lawsuits brought against the manufacturer a few years ago. Cold-EEze was removed from the market in 2004 after just one year.

As a personal injury lawyer who’s been practicing for over 20 years, I’m always distressed when I hear about these horrible side effects associated with popular, over-the-counter medications. It’s clear the Matrixx should have done studies to see what side effects occur when injecting zinc gluconate into nasal passages. People’s lives are being forever altered because of Matrixx’s irresponsible actions.

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