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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

Dr. Ronald Poulin of Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) was sentenced to five years in prison after a jury of his peers determined he had willfully defrauded government insurance programs (Medicare and Tricare) out of $1.3 million. Dr. Poulin reportedly falsified documents, overcharged patients, and even split medications between patients while still charging them for the full amount of the drugs, according to The Virginian-Pilot. He could have received 20 years in prison but federal prosecutors recommended a five-year sentence.

Dr. Poulin continues to deny any responsibility instead opting to lay the blame on his staff. "I have to take responsibility for the actions of my employees," said Dr. Poulin, "I wasn’t wasteful."

Health care fraud isn’t an easy crime to detect and is still very rare. In fact, only two or three cases have been prosecuted in the past decade. However, the crime itself can have major ramifications costing American taxpayers over $1 billion every year.

A major component of health care reform is rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse. This case exemplifies the abuse some doctors inflict both on their patients and the American people.

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  1. Gravatar for George Meredith MD
    George Meredith MD

    Dear Judge Davis and Law Clerk Melissa Anderson

    Some of Dr Sid Loxley’s sociopathic patients died of prescription drug overdoses (suicides in formerly addicted patients). So what?

    Some of Dr Ronald Poulin’s terminally ill cancer patients died. But the court found no fault by Poulin in their deaths. And Poulin cheated the same Medicare program that had been cheating him for years. So what?

    But what about the young, productive, otherwise healthy patients bumped off by the politician-surgeons that I previously wrote to you about? These patients were not sociopathic drug addicts looking for a quick fix. Nor were they terminally ill cancer patients. Instead, they were young and except for their short term otolaryngology problems, they were productive citizens and the picture of health. Who speaks up for them?

    Judge Davis, you must do the right thing and release Dr Poulin* to community service.


    George Meredith MD

    PS. I don’t know Dr Poulin from Adam. But I do know a kangaroo court when I see one. …search

  2. Gravatar for George Meredith MD
    George Meredith MD

    to learn more about the corrupt state medical boards that protect the surgeons involved in wrongful patient deaths. And to see how the outsiders, like Poulin, and the whistle blowers, like me, are punished go to And to see how the corrupt federal courts and federal prosecutors like Mary Jo White, Alan Bersin and Paul McNulty shield the immoral politicians (Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius and GHW Bush) and drug kingpins (Steven Bresky and Don Tyson)involved in the trillion dollar US drug trade, go to

    George Meredith MD

    Virginia Beach

  3. Gravatar for George Meredith MD
    George Meredith MD

    George Meredith MD

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