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Doctors are hailing a major advancement in the battle against leukemia and other blood cancers. There are reported of unprecedented success against these diseases by using gene therapy to transform the blood cells of patients into cancer-killing soldier cells, according to the Associated Press.

Patients with a specific type of leukemia were given the gene therapy several years ago with great results. In fact, some of those patients remain cancer-free today. So far, at least six research groups have treated more than 120 patients with many types of blood cancers and bone marrow cancers with positive outcomes.

Some doctors claim this new gene therapy could become the first gene therapy approved in the United States and the first for cancer worldwide.

This is very exciting news indeed. I hope this gene therapy continues to gain recognition and becomes a treatment option for thousands of patients who are struggling with leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and other terrible cancers.

My personal injury law firm has had the privilege to represent numerous railroad workers who were exposed to awful chemicals and toxic fumes while working for big railroad companies like Norfolk Southern, CSX, etc. and are now battling with leukemia and other cancers. It’s heartbreaking to meet someone who spent their entire career working for a railroad, then, during their “golden years” of retirement are confronted with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.

Hopefully this new gene therapy with provide a glimmer of hope to cancer patients in the United States, and across the globe.

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