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According to the Virginia Gazette, an administrator of six assisted living facilities in Virginia has had his license suspended by the Virginia Board of Long-Term Care Administrators pending an investigation into the death of a resident at Madison Retirement Center in Williamsburg, VA and numerous other offenses at other nursing homes he oversees.

Scott Schuett was the administrator of Madison Retirement Center on May 8, 2012, when a diabetic resident fell. The victim did not receive any medical care outside of the nursing home and was found unresponsive the next morning. The facility was also lax in reporting the death to the Department of Social Services. Both Madison Retirement Center and Ashwood Living Facility were visited by state inspectors over the summer. The first facility had 16 violations and the second one had 20 violations. These violations included bedbug infestations that had not been resolved, incorrect administration of insulin and other medications, improper meals for those on special diets, a lack of procedures to determine if residents were registered sex offenders, and no follow-up on residents being treated for mental health issues.

Unfortunately, many of these issues do occur in nursing homes throughout Virginia, but the sheer volume of violations at the above facilities definitely raises a red flag regarding the type of care being provided to the residents who live there. It is our hope that the State of Virginia will take care of the issues at these nursing homes or place the residents elsewhere so they do not continue to suffer neglect or abuse. If you have loved ones in a Virginia nursing home or assisted living facility, be sure to check on them frequently and use the many online resources available to verify that their home is not in violation of the regulations put in place to keep the residents safe and assure they are taken care of.


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