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By Mark Favaloro, Virginia (VA) Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

What Happened

In Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) a judge sentenced an in-home care provider for more than a year in jail for the mistreatment of a dementia patient. The defendant was sentenced on March 29, 2013 after video footage viewed in court showed the defendant punching, slapping, and taunting the victim. Another video showed the defendant pulling the hair of the victim as well as twisting her arm. The judge sentenced the care provider to 18 months in jail but allowed credit for the four months she spent in custody before the trial. The defendant was indicted on charges of abuse and neglect for an incapacitated adult in July of 2011. She had spent close to five years caring for the victim, who died last June at the age of 94.

Here is a video from one of our nursing home abuse lawyers.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Due to the rising attention being drawn to nursing home abuse, some people are choosing to have in-home care provided for their elderly loved ones. However, in-home care may only offer a false sense of security. The attention is more personal and care givers aren’t run ragged as they bounce between patients who need attention, but the likelihood of abuse or neglect may still be present. Even when you have in-home care provided for a loved one, it still is a good idea to know how to spot the signs of abuse or neglect. Abuse may consist of but is not limited to physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and being under or over medicated. It’s always important to talk to your loved one about their care and over all well being, as well as about anything that may be going on.

When your trust is broken and you find out your loved one is being abused or neglected, the perpetrator needs to be held responsible for their actions. If you have a loved one who you believe had their legal rights violated, we strongly recommend you contact and experienced Virginia (VA) nursing home abuse lawyer. Our firm’s Virginia (VA) nursing home abuse lawyers have extensive knowledge regarding the nursing home abuse laws in Virginia (VA) and will fight to ensure that your loved one receives proper care, as well as the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Potentially Helpful Info:

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