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Well dressed insurance adjuster inspecting damaged vehicle

Dealing with uncooperative insurance adjusters after a car accident can be a frustrating and stressful experience for individuals seeking compensation for their injuries. Insurance adjusters are tasked with evaluating claims, negotiating settlements, and representing the interests of insurance companies. However, some adjusters may use tactics to minimize payouts or delay claims resolution. They may even attempt to deny the victim’s claim completely.

The following are some examples of the tactics insurance adjusters use to delay paying a car accident claim. It is recommended that every car accident victim consult with a Virginia Beach car accident attorney and let the attorney deal with the insurance adjuster to ensure the victim receives the financial compensation they deserve.

Excessive Requests for Documentation

Insurance companies may request extensive documentation and paperwork from claimants, such as medical records, repair estimates, and witness statements. While some documentation is necessary to evaluate claims, excessive requests for additional information or repeated requests for the same documents can delay the processing of claims and prolong the resolution of cases.

Unreasonable Delays in Processing Claims

Insurance companies may deliberately delay the processing of claims by taking longer than necessary to review documentation, conduct investigations, or assign adjusters to cases. Delays in processing claims can create frustration and uncertainty for claimants, making them more likely to accept lower settlements out of desperation or fatigue.

Selective Communication and Lack of Responsiveness

Insurance adjusters may engage in selective communication or fail to respond promptly to claimants’ inquiries and requests for updates. By delaying responses or providing incomplete information, insurance companies can prolong the claims process and keep claimants in the dark about the status of their cases.

Lowball Offers and Negotiation Tactics

Insurance companies may make lowball settlement offers to claimants to minimize payouts and resolve claims quickly. They may also engage in aggressive negotiation tactics, such as making unreasonable demands or questioning the extent of claimants’ injuries or damages, to pressure them into accepting inadequate settlements.

Repeated Requests for Additional Information

Insurance adjusters may repeatedly request additional information or documentation from claimants, even after the claimant has initially provided all required materials. This tactic often creates delays, prolongs the claims process, and wears down claimants’ resolve to pursue their claims.

Seeking Multiple Opinions or Examinations

Insurance companies may request multiple medical examinations or expert opinions to evaluate claimants’ injuries or damages. While some level of evaluation may be necessary, excessive or redundant examinations can delay the resolution of claims and prolong the suffering of injured claimants.

Threatening Litigation or Denial of Claims

In some cases, insurance companies may threaten litigation or deny claims outright to pressure claimants into accepting unfavorable settlements or abandoning their claims. Threatening legal action or denial of claims can create additional stress and uncertainty for claimants, making them more willing to settle for less than they deserve.

Dragging Out Investigations

Insurance companies may drag out investigations into car accidents, gathering additional evidence or conducting multiple rounds of interviews with witnesses or experts. Prolonging investigations can delay claims resolution and create uncertainty for claimants, who may become frustrated and more willing to accept lower settlements to expedite the process.

Contact Our Virginia Beach Personal Injury Law Firm for Legal Help

If you have been injured in a crash, you must contact a Virginia Beach car accident attorney immediately. The sooner your attorney files your claim and lets the insurance company know he or she is representing you, the better chance your claim will be settled efficiently and to your benefit. It is important not to speak to the insurance company before you have talked to an attorney.

Contact Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our personal injury lawyers and determine your legal options against the driver who caused the accident and your injuries. We will work diligently to get you the compensation you are entitled to, like the $1 million insurance settlement we obtained for one client who suffered massive injuries to his feet, ankles, and legs when another driver failed to yield and slammed into his vehicle.




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