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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

Wegman’s, a major grocery store chain in the Mid Atlantic, has issued a voluntary recall of its bagged ice products in both 7 and 18 pound bags, due to the possibility that the ice could contain metal pieces. These pieces could have been put there by a broken machine part that produces the ice. This poses a possible choking hazard.

The bags of ice that are affected by this recall are in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is thought that Wegman’s sold 6000 bags of ice that could be affected by the recall. The firm has confirmed that it will place automated phone calls to customers with a Shoppers Club card who purchased ice during the affected time period. Anyone who bought a possibly affected bag of ice is advised to discard it immediately.


So far, no injuries have been reported that are associated with this recall, and no reports have come in that metal pieces were in bags of ice that were purchased. Wegman’s stated on Monday that the problem was discovered during a regular maintenance check of the ice making equipment.

This recall shows how a rewards card can save you a potential problem with a product that you buy. When you swipe a rewards card at a store, there is a record kept of what you bought. While this does raise privacy worries, one plus is that during a recall situation, the store has a list of who bought that item and can warn them.

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