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You depend on the pharmacy to provide you with the correct medication and accurate directions on how to take it. You also trust them to ensure it is not contraindicated by any other medicines you take. Pharmacy errors can lay the groundwork for a valid Virginia personal injury claim for damages if a mistake is made and the patient is injured. 

If you suspect that you were injured due to a pharmacy error, the Virginia personal injury lawyers at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp can help. We will review your case in a free consultation and advise you on the best way to proceed with the legal process. 

What Are the Different Types of Pharmacy Errors?

Prescription medication errors happen. It is a well-documented fact and occurs much more often than most people realize. One recent study calculates that seven million people throughout the United States are impacted by preventable medication errors every single year. If you take any prescription drugs, you should always be looking out for possible mistakes when you get your medicine from the pharmacy.

Errors take place in many different ways. Some of the most common include:

  • The pharmacist supplied the incorrect medication 
  • Labels with inaccurate dosage information 
  • Incomplete or incorrect directions for use  

Some drugs are contraindicated. This means they can produce dangerous side effects if they are taken together. The pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that your prescribed medications are safe when taken at the same time. If the pharmacist fails to recognize a potentially unsafe drug combination, you could be injured as a result. 

Some types of drugs have a much higher percentage of error involved in their preparation and administration. Medicines prone to pharmacy mistakes include antibiotics, painkillers, anticoagulants, and insulin. If you take any of these kinds of drugs, you should be vigilant in checking for mistakes when you get your prescription filled. 

Pharmacy Errors and Virginia Personal Injury Claims

Pharmacists are expected to perform in keeping with the medical standard of care when filling a prescription. If that standard is breached, and the patient is injured as a result, they likely have a legitimate personal injury claim against the pharmacy.

If you suspect a pharmacy error, under any circumstances, seek immediate medical attention. Mistakes involving prescription drugs are often very serious and can even be fatal. Your number one priority should be getting treatment. 

Once any medical issues are settled, you need to speak with a personal injury attorney who understands the serious implications of a pharmacy error. This should be done right after the mistake is caught. The documentation and investigation of the pharmacy error and your subsequent injuries require a thorough examination and legal analysis.

How Can I Prevent Pharmacy Errors?

If you take prescription medicine, you need to be diligent in defending against pharmacy errors. There are some things you can do to help avoid being harmed by a mistake with your medication.

When you get a refill, make sure that the drug looks the same as the previous bottle and that the dosage is the same as it was before. If you notice any unusual changes, talk to the pharmacist before taking it. Those differences could be caused by a mistake in the pharmacy process. If you still have concerns, you should speak with your doctor.

If you experience any strange side effects when taking a new or previously prescribed medication, stop taking the medication immediately and seek medical attention. Do not resume taking the drug until all issues and concerns have been resolved.

Speak With a Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

At the law offices of Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp, we help clients who have experienced any form of injury caused by someone else’s negligence, including pharmacy and medication mistakes. Our approach to personal injury cases is client-focused and we are committed to getting our clients the compensation they are entitled to.

If you were injured due to pharmacy negligence, ensuring you have an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer on your side is your best chance of recovering damages. Schedule a free consultation by calling (833) 997-1774.  

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