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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

An air craft/air plane is the most convenient way when travelling, because you get to reach your destination in just a couple of hours or so compared with ships, boat or other motor vehicles. However, the number of its fatalities is quite alarming. According to a statistics on fatalities of air craft accidents compiled by, there are 1,300 fatal accidents involving commercial aircraft, world-wide, from 1950 thru 2008 for which a specific cause is known which is pilot error or cockpit error.

One factor also which causes air craft accidents would be mechanical error which is 21% of the cause following pilot error. Among the factors listed by are weather, other human factors sabotage and terrorism. Air craft companies should put huge emphasis on the aircraft safety equipments. Emergency slides should be present, this would aid passenger to escape in case of major emergency. Alert systems and landing gears that can be lowered even after loss of power and hydraulics should be functional.

Safety measures are given prior to take off. It is very important to follow these precautions by heart. Wearing of seat belt is strictly implemented. It should only be unbuckled after the signals for it to be removed have been put on. When one is seated near the emergency exit, that person should be physically capable to open the bulky exit row, and should be able to assist other passengers.

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