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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

The injuries a person experiences in a car accident may be physical and emotional in nature. It can take several days for some injuries to become apparent. If your injuries were primarily soft-tissue (no fractures or bulging or compressed discs), you can expect to treat for up to six months, or longer. Soft tissue injuries — injuries to muscles and tendons — are relatively common in low speed car accidents. While these injuries are often difficult to prove, we know they are very real and very painful and proof and evidence to support the claims must be organized and presented.

With regards to catastrophic injuries, these can result in accumulation of medical bills into the hundreds of thousands and a future life-care plan may be necessary to prove future medical expenses. To a victim without health insurance, a serious car accident can result in job loss and even the threat of bankruptcy. Any victim injured in car accident in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Manteo, or any other NC city or town is entitled to compensation by filing an injury claim. Car accident injuries in North Carolina reached nearly 100,000 in 2007 alone. It has been our experience that car accident injuries are so numerous that each of us probably knows someone personally that has gone through, or is currently going through, such a painful ordeal.

Many of the accident injuries we have seen were caused by reckless driving, speeding, failing to observe traffic signs and signals, and DUI/DWI . Others were the result of rear-end crashes. Motorcycle riders/cyclists have come to us with horrible injuries of all kinds, given the obvious exposure of the body to serious impacts. We have helped bicycle riders who were thrown from their bikes. The common thread in these accidents is the serious and catastrophic nature of the injuries they caused, and the refusal of the insurance companies from offering reasonable compensation.

Unless your injuries have been minimal, involving only one or two doctors visits, you’ll want to seek advice with an injury attorney soon after your accident. Our experienced NC car accident lawyers may help you collect critical proof and supply priceless advice on how you can document your injuries and damages. We recommend you not provide any written or recorded statement to the adverse insurance company-especially before seeking your own legal advice.

As with all serious injury cases, it is especially crucial to seek out professional legal advice in car accident injury cases and we have the experienced injury attorneys to evaluate your claim. Our firm is ready to assist you in reviewing your specific situation to see if your claim meets our criteria. In North Carolina (NC), as well as every other state, there are laws on how long you have to file a suit also. Don’t hesitate, call our toll free number and get confidential free preliminary legal advice.

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