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| Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

There are many considerations that must be taken into account, when a couple is expecting a child.

They spend time planning, decorating, and buying items for the new baby. Pregnancy requires classes, doctor’s visits, and preparation before the birth. Unfortunately, even the most prepared parents-to-be may discover complications during childbirth. Even more tragic is the fact that complications may be caused by mistakes made by medical professionals in the delivery room.

Study after study shows that the risks to both mother and baby can be very high during childbirth. Research shows that nearly 9.5% of medical malpractice suits involve misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose problems involving childbirth. Victims often feel that the complications that arise during the birthing process could have been avoided if the issue had been identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Although there are countless issues that can arise during childbirth, some common complications include:

• Death of the fetus

• Physical injury to the child (including broken bones, bruising, internal bleeding)

• Stillbirth

• Maternal death

• Brain injury

Cerebral palsy

• Paralysis

• Maternal infection

Severe pain and suffering can result and may have lifelong effects on the mother and baby. Medical professionals should practice the utmost care when dealing with any procedures, and especially so in the case of childbirth.

Some of the more common cases of medical malpractice during childbirth include incidents where the physicians failed to notice metabolic disorders, blood issues, and complications involving diabetes. Other issues have included failure to monitor babies after childbirth, improper evaluation during pregnancy, and physicians arriving too late to help with childbirth.

Most people plan and prepare for a childbirth that follows normal procedure and expectations. Unfortunately, complications have been known to arise, and the issues may have serious effects on the family and patients.

Your physician and his staff are responsible for conducting proper evaluations and tests during the pregnancy. During childbirth, they should be prepared to execute the delivery, properly handle the child during birth, and make sure both mother and child are healthy during the process. After the birth, they are responsible for handling the child, monitoring its health, and responsibly addressing any issues that may arise.

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