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Have you ever been on the interstate and seen someone pull over, back up and actually try to get off the exit they just missed? I have, several times and it burns me up. It’s at those times you wish there was a cop around to give the guy a ticket. I mean really why would any sane person run the risk of causing a wreck instead of just taking the time to get off at the next exit and back track?

It was a similar story when a man flipped his car three times on I-485 in south Charlotte, North Carolina (NC). The accident happened around 8 a.m. on I-485 near the exit for South Tryon Street. The driver decided at the last minute that traffic was too backed up on the exit and recklessly swung back onto the interstate. His improper lane change caused a crash with two other cars and he flipped his Acura three times.

Ironically, the man walked away from the accident without so much as a scratch. The highway patrol cited the driver with an unsafe lane change. There was no news on whether the other two drivers had injuries.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 9 percent of all car accidents occurred when vehicles were changing lanes or merging. That equates to over 500,000 car wrecks in the United States. An improper lane change could wind up causing a major car accident which in turn results in serious injury or death.


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