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Many of us go to the local health center everyday where we are hooked up to several medical testing machines. These medical testing machines are a great benefit to society, allowing more accurate testing and faster results. They are a great benefit to the health center as well, allowing for more patients to be tested in a shorter amount of time, but how often do we stop to wonder how safe these machines really are?

The New Hanover Community Health Center located in Hanover County, North Carolina (NC) reported today that a diabetes testing machine has been malfunctioning for several months and may have infected up to 283 people in New Hanover County, North Carolina (NC) and the surrounding areas. An employee of the New Hanover Community Health Center noticed a malfunction in the diabetes testing machine that may have caused more then one patient to be tested with the same lancet.

According to the New Hanover Community Health Center CEO Alfred Thomas, the testing machine was taken out of circulation as soon as the error was noticed. 283 patients in total were sent letters warning them of a possible blood borne illness contraction. The New Hanover Community Health Center has asked anyone tested for diabetes on the testing machine between January 1st and June 31st to come to the health center to be retested free of charge.

"There safety and their health is our primary concern, and we want to do everything to ensure that takes place,” said CEO Alfred Thomas who also told local news stations that there have been no positive test results for blood borne illnesses in any patient who has already received the testing.

As a personal injury attorney, I too often see cases of routine medical procedures that go awry. These cases are always unfortunate, especially when they involve the potential risk for hundreds of patients to contract a blood borne illness they would not otherwise have. Sadly, there is little a patient can do to prevent mistakes such as malfunctioning of medical testing machines. However, if you or someone you know has been injured or contracted a blood borne illness due to hospital neglect, you can seek the help of a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you get the compensation you need to help you through the difficult time.

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