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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

The Medicines Company issued a voluntary recall for 11 types of Cleviprex injectable emulsion after they were found to be contaminated with particulate matter.

Cleviprex is an injectable drug that works to reduce and control blood pressure in patients. It is a calcium channel blocker that is often prescribed to patients that suffer from hypertension. The injection is given by a nurse or doctor.

The Medicines Company issued the voluntary recall of Cleviprex after they traces of particulate matter. In low numbers, the matter does not pose a health risk. However, in higher doses the matter could reduce blood flow. A reduction in blood flow poses serious health risks for a patient with hypertension.

The lots of Cleviprex in this recall include: 61-978-DW, 61-979-DW, and 61-980-DW, Exp. 01/2010; 68-404-DJ, 68-405-DJ, and 68-406-DJ, Exp. 08/2010; 69-830-DJ, 63-385-DJ, 63-386-DJ, and 63-266-DJ, Exp 03/2011; and 64-453-DJ, Exp. 04/2011.

If you have received an injection of Cleviprex by your nurse or doctor, we urge you to contact them immediately and find out if your injection was involved in the recall.

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