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Motorcycle Accident Injuries
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Driving can be dangerous enough when you are traveling in a car. But when you are on the back of a motorcycle, you have suddenly spiked up the potential dangers and risks the road presents. Unlike a passenger vehicle, that offers walls of steel and multiple safety features that help protect occupants, motorcycles offer absolutely no protection in the event of an impact with a vehicle or object.

Tragically, despite the many innovations in motorcycle safety that has been developed over the past two decades, the number of victims killed and injured in motorcycle accidents have not decreased. The serious injuries riders sustain can result in high medical expenses, lost income, and months of painful recovery and rehabilitation. Many victims are left with permanent disabilities that greatly affect their quality of life.




Costs of Motorcycle Injuries

Studies have shown that the average cost of treating motorcycle accident injuries is double that of the average cost of treating car accident injuries. Because the injuries are often more severe, motorcycle accident victims usually have higher medical expenses and longer recovery time, which means more time missed from work and no income.

Rate of Motorcycle Injuries

There is also an obvious higher rate of injuries in motorcycle crashes than there is in motor vehicle accidents. According to data, for every 100,000 registered motorcycle owners, 2,194 are injured in motorcycle accidents. Out of 100,000 registered car owners, 718 owners are injured in car accidents. The lack of protection, as well as lack of wearing helmets and other protective gear, contributes to these disproportionate statistics.

Prevention of Motorcycle Injuries

In addition to wearing a helmet at all times, as well as other recommended protective clothing and gear, how a motorcyclist drives is also critical to staying safe. Make sure to always follow speed limits, avoid lane jumping, and keep in mind that it can be difficult for vehicle drivers to see motorcycles because they are so much smaller.

Contact a Carolinas Injury Attorney Today

Some of the most frequent injuries that clients of North Carolina motorcycle accident attorneys suffer include brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis, and spinal trauma. Our accident attorneys understand that the injuries motorcycle accident victims sustain often leave them with permanent disabilities that not only create physical limitations but also result in significant financial losses.

If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident this year, it is critical not to delay contacting the legal team at Shapiro & Appleton because North Carolina injury laws have strict rules regarding how long you have to file your personal injury claim. If the statute of limitations expires, you will be unable to collect financial damages for any medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, or any other losses you or your family may be entitled to. Call our office today at 800-752-0042 to find out how we can help.

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