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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

A school bus driver was injured in a bus accident in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) after another driver hit the bus while it was parked.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school bus was parked on W.T. Harris Boulevard when a passing car was unable to stop and swerved, hitting another vehicle. The vehicle that was struck then went in to the side of the school bus. The accident set off a chain reaction and a total of five cars where involved in the wreck. The driver of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg bus was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. Police feel weather conditions were a major factor in the accident.

As a personal injury attorney who frequently represents car accident victims I know first hand how dangerous wet roadways can be. When it rains, all of the accumulated dirt and oil on the roadways come to the surface. Meaning even the thinnest layer of moisture on the roads can cause them to become slick and hard to manage. If you must drive during bad weather be sure to maintain a slow speed. Only go as fast as you feel comfortable driving.

Also, be sure to maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Breaking suddenly on a wet roadway can cause you to lose control of your vehicle which may lead to a car accident. If you do lose control of your vehicle do not play on your instincts to slam on the breaks. It is much better to apply a steady pressure on the breaks and turn the steering wheel in to the direction of the skid until you are able to gain control of the vehicle again.

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