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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the biggest recall of cribs due to potential dangers. Previously, estimates were that approximately 500,000 cribs were defetive, as it turns out there are close to 2.1 million cribs that have been purchased by consumers, according to a report from the CPSC.

These Canadian made cribs have been shown to present an immediate danger of trapping a toddler’s or infant’s head between the mattress and the side railing.

There are at least three reports of suffocations from this popular crib, according to the report from the CPSC. The dropdown side feature of this cribs seem to be a reason for it’s popularity.

What’s not widely known is the fact that as many as 5 million other cribs from different makers have produced the very same drop down rail feature and have been previously recalled by the CPSC.

Please check the labels or branding of your baby crib. It is reported that approximately 147,000 of these have been produced with the “Fisher Price” name on it. The CPSC is urging parents to get the free repair kit, warning them not to attempt to fix it until you’ve recieved the proper parts provided in the kit. Contact the company and request a kit as soon as possible and make sure to provide your infant or child an alternative safe sleeping environment in the process.

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    I am glad that Stork Craft is being so pro-active on this issue. According to they are providing replacement kits for the cribs.

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