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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

Each and every year in America, nearly 18,000 people are killed from injuries while they are at home. This article will outline the leading causes of death, along with simple, cost effective methods to make your household much safer.

We all like to think of our homes as the perfect oasis to enjoy your self in comfort and security; however, the average home in the U.S. harbors some serious safety risks. As mentioned, more than 18,000 are killed each year from accidental injuries that take place in the home, making our houses the 2nd most common location right behind the number one location: in our cars and on the road.

There are some very simple steps that homeowners can take to easily minimize the risk of accidental death at home. Here are the top 3 causes of accidental deaths at home:

1. Falls: This is the leading cause of home injury deaths claiming almost 6,000 lives per year. Slip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere but the most likely place at home is in the bathroom. One quick and easy way to reduce the risk is to install grab bars in their bathtubs and showers. The primary reason tubs and showers are so dangerous is that the surface is so hard and can cause a serious injury, or severe trauma to the head.

2. Poisoning: Coming in at number two in the area of accidental home injury deaths is from poisoning which takes close to 5,000 lives every year. To add further insult to injury, poisoning is the leading cause of death at home for young adults and the middle aged. This is far too common especially if you can imagine when someone mixes a prescription drug with an over the counter medication such as a cold remedy, then followed by an alcoholic beverage. Mixing things together like this can be quite deadly.

3. Fire and burns: Home fires and burns claim over 3,000 lives per year which puts this deadly home injury at number three on the list. Make sure you have several working smoke alarms throughout the house and practice fire drills at least two times a year.

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