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An Amber Alert had been issued for two missing children in Mitchell County, North Carolina. This county is an extremely rugged and mountainous area that borders Tennessee. The children that were lost had been last seen on Roan Mountain in Mitchell County as there parents had lost sight of them upon returning back to the public parking lot on the mountain.

The brother and sister were found after having been missing overnight in the rugged western North Carolina mountains. Officials said the children were located Thursday in the Roan Mountain section of national forest lands in Mitchell County on the Tennessee border.

The children are from Kingsport, Tenn., and were hiking with their parents when they disappeared a day earlier. The U.S. Forest Service said a child’s shoe was found about a mile from where the brother and sister last were seen, leading searchers to the children.

When a child gets lost suddenly many things run through a parent’s mind and the worst case scenario is hard not to think about. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending with the blissful reuniting of parents and child. Unfortunately, the odds are not in your favor for every hour that goes by that your child is missing.

One of the hardest things to imagine would have to face a traumatic moment of discovering that your child is lost or missing. Here are some facts to consider

· Over 2000 U.S. kids get lost every day.

· Less than 10% are reported to any authority.

· 90% of families will experience losing a child in a public place. 20% have lost a child more than once.

· 95% will forever remember the trauma of getting lost.

· Parents rank losing a child 5 times more concerning to them than terrorism and 3 times more concerning than abduction.

· Kids get lost most often in malls and stores (45%)

· 27% of families that visit an amusement park lose a child while they are there. That’s nearly 1 in 3!

· Only 9% of parents put some form of safe ID on their children.

· 76% of parents want to know what to do to prevent a child from getting lost.

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