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Overview of How to Obtain a Copy of Your Auto Accident Report in Virginia
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If you were involved in an auto accident in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or elsewhere in the Commonwealth, an important document with the potential to impact the viability of your personal injury claim is the accident report written by Virginia law enforcement. Typically, when police are called to the scene of an accident, the officer who arrives will have the responsibility of drafting a summary of the accident, particularly when one or both motorists suffered an injury, there is someone who passed away due to the accident, or when the property damage is expected to be in excess of $1,500.

Information Contained Within an Accident Report

The accident report, formally titled “Police Crash Report” will contain multiple pieces of important information that can help in assessing whether you have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim. Generally, accident reports will contain the following information:

  • Time, date, and location of the collision.
  • Names, addresses, and driver’s license numbers of all motorists involved in the accident.
  • The vehicle owners’ names and addresses and the names of the insurance companies for the vehicles.
  • Whether a motorist was charged with an offense.
  • Whether any drivers or passengers suffered injuries.
  • Whether the officer found that factors such as speeding or impaired driving contributed to the accident.
  • Crash diagram and description of the collision

Obtaining a Copy of the Accident Report

In Virginia, the best way to secure a copy of your accident report is to contact the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Why? Because the DMV is responsible for retaining copies of accident reports for at least three years after a reported collision. To submit a request, you will need to complete an Information Request Form (a.k.a. CRD 93). The CRD 93 form requires you to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Driver’s license number
  • Where the collision occurred (including the street, city, and/or county)

You also have the option of mailing a written request to the DMV office in Richmond, Virginia. Here is the relevant mailing address:

Custom Records Work Center, Room 514
Virginia DMV
Post Office Box 27412
Richmond, VA 23269

When Your Can Request a Copy of Your Accident Report

Typically, someone involved in a car accident in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or elsewhere in Virginia can request a copy of their accident report within 24 hours after a Virginia law enforcement officer completes their investigation of the accident. At this point, the law enforcement officer must forward the written report to the DMV. As mentioned, the DMV will keep a copy of the accident report for at least 36 months from the date of the accident.

Our Virginia Beach Car Accident Lawyers are Here to Help

If you or a loved one was injured in a collision, our team of experienced car accident lawyers in Virginia Beach are ready and able to help. We possess decades of combined legal experience and understand what it takes to protect the rights of injured victims. Contact our office today to schedule a free, confidential case review.

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