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There’s a different mode of transportation that many people who live or visit Virginia and other states around the country are trying – pedicabs. Pedicabs are tricycle shuttle services. They are essentially bicycle rickshaws because they are like the early Japanese rickshaws that were developed in 1870. The original vehicles were hand-pulled. It wasn’t until years later that the rickshaws began using the “pedaling” method.

Although traveling in these vehicles may be fun, there is also the risk that they may be involved in a vehicle accident, leaving victims with serious injuries. The question for those victims is who is responsible for the financial and other losses they may suffer and how do they go about pursuing those damages. If you have been injured in a pedicab accident, a Virginia accident attorney can answer all your questions and help you with your claim.




Recovering Compensation after a Pedicab Accident

If another vehicle was responsible for the collision with the pedicab, then just like other types of car crashes, you will need the at-fault driver’s auto insurance information. You can file a third-party claim against their insurance to recover compensation for your injuries. An experienced Virginia personal injury attorney can help you through this process, which will be very similar to obtaining compensation after a collision between two cars.

A pedicab accident can also be caused by the pedicab driver’s negligence. Pedicab drivers have been known to disobey traffic signs despite the fact that they should follow them just as if they were in a car. If you were injured because of a pedicab driver’s actions, then you will need to recover from the driver or owner of the pedicab, if that is a different person or business.

However, pedicabs, despite operating on city streets like cars, may not have quite the same insurance requirements. Many local towns and cities where pedicabs operate have set their own rules and regulation regarding what is required of pedicab owners to operate in their jurisdiction. Owners and operators of pedicabs do not necessarily carry bodily injury and property damage coverage like other drivers are required to and some municipalities only require a demonstration of financial responsibility through filing a surety bond.

If you are injured by a pedicab driver, then you should call a Virginia personal injury attorney right away. A lawyer will look into whether there is an applicable insurance policy. If not, then you will need to file a personal injury suit against the pedicab driver and/or owner.

A Common Obstacle to Recovering Compensation After a Pedicab Accident

One of the most common issues that arises after being hurt in a pedicab accident caused by the driver is that the responsible party, whether it is the driver or owner, does not have enough money or assets to pay you what you are owed. Even if the driver or owner has a surety bond, it may be for an amount less than your damages. In this case, you may face a situation in which it is impossible to recover all of your medical costs, loss of earning capacity, physical pain, and mental anguish.

Contact a Virginia Beach Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you were hurt in a pedicab accident and you have suffered injuries and out-of-pocket expenses, contact a Virginia car accident attorney to find out what legal options you may have for your injuries. At Shapiro & Appleton, we offer free and confidential consultations where we will evaluate your case and determine how we can help.

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