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There is sad news for fans of the “Survivor” television series.  Caleb Bankston a contestant on the show in 2013 was crushed between two railroad cars.  He was an engineer for the Alabama Warrior Railway.  While checking on something between two cars, the train derailed crushing Bankston in between.

One news report described the railroad accident as a “freak accident.”  Unfortunately as railroad injury lawyers we know that getting trapped and injured or killed between rail cars is a constant danger for engineers, trainmen, switchmen and conductors in rail yards and on tracks. Having represented many rail employees who suffered serious, life-altering injuries while doing their railroad jobs, we know firsthand that any accident in a rail yard can cause serious if not fatal injury.

Family members like the general public may think that these type of railroad accidents are a rare occurrence. They may not know that their loved one has unique legal rights available to injured rail workers, including the rights available under the Federal Employers Liability Act, as long as the railroad conducts any interstate commerce whatsoever.  But whether it was a railroad accident or disease, a derailment, or a railroad crossing accident speaking with an experienced railroad injury lawyer is the first step. {Click here for two downloadable legal guides that focus on railroad worker injury law} Our railroad injury attorneys have handled railroad injury law since 1985 and we have represented hundreds of railroad workers.


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