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A wheel reportedly came loose from a pickup truck and crashed into an SUV on Interstate 64 (I-64) near Montrose Street entrance ramp in South Charleston.

The driver of the SUV had to be cut out of the vehicle after the wheel crashed into his roof, according to The driver had to be taken to the hospital due to possible head injuries.

Talk about a traumatic event. Imagine driving down the road and, all of sudden, a wheel comes out of nowhere and demolishes your roof. Now, the innocent driver could be facing weeks, or even months, of rehabilitative care due to possible head injury. I sincerely hope he didn’t suffer a brain injury. It’s an unfortunate fact that brain trauma can have life-altering effects on the survivor.

When a tire comes loose, the consequences can be devastating. Another example of the dangers of loose tires was seen in a multi-vehicle wreck involving a tractor-trailer that occurred on Interstate 93 (I-93) in Hooksett. The tractor-trailer was towing a modular home, lost a wheel and havoc ensued. One person was killed in this tragic accident.

Let this terrible accident serve as a reminder to all pickup truck owners that you need to properly secure items in your truck bed. A spare tire should be placed into a safe location in the truck bed with an accompanying harness or other device to keep the tire in place.




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  1. Gravatar for Ron Melancon

    Go to and understand that all trailers of this type HAS NO NATIONAL SAFETY STANDARDS. The trailer manufactures have lobbied our political learders to ignore the facts. 12 States have NO REGISTRATIONS FOR THESE trailers and they get stolen all the time.

    8 States have no safety chain law so you can use DUCT TAPE to secure them...GOOGLE...Dells Used Duct Tape.

    Then in my County they never pull over loose loads...I have photo evidence and they don't care.

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