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When an adult or older child is injured in a car accident, they are able to communicate their pain and symptoms. But what happens if one of the victims of a crash is an infant or toddler? Obviously, they are too young to be able to verbally let their parents know they are hurt or sick, so what signs should parents watch for?


If your child was not sick prior to the car accident, but begins to vomit after the crash, this is a good indicator that they sustained some sort of injury in the accident.

Irritability and/or Restlessness

Any sudden or drastic mood changes in your child’s behavior is also a sign that they are dealing with pain or other injury symptoms. Also, watch for changes in sleep patterns.

Excessive Crying

Although all babies and toddlers may have their bouts of crying, if your child is crying more than they usually do or if you are unable to console them, they could be suffering in pain from an injury they sustained in the accident.

Your Instincts

Parents know their child’s behavior better than anyone. If you sense there is something just not right with your baby, listen to those instincts and get medical attention for them immediately.

Steps after a Car Crash

If you have been in a car accident with your child, you do not have to wait until symptoms appear to seek medical attention. In fact, it is a very safe idea to have your child examined by a doctor immediately following a crash because there can often be a delay in injury symptoms and that delay can be very dangerous.

Common auto accident injuries to babies include contusions to the rib area because of the belts from the infant or child seat they are in, as well as injuries to the neck or back because of the weakness in an infant’s neck. One critical thing to note after a car accident with an infant or child is that you should always replace their safety seat. The force of car crash impacts can weaken the material of the seat, so even if you can’t see any damage, it does not mean the seat is safe to use.

If you or your child have been injured in a car crash, you should contact a skilled Virginia personal injury attorney to discuss what legal recourse you may have against the at-fault driver.


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