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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that 4,500 teens are killed each year in drunk driving accidents. This works out to approximately 12 deaths each day that should not be occurring. One parent of a teen who was killed in a drunk driving accident has said, “If the kids cannot get a hold of alcohol they can’t get drink and they can’t drive drunk.” This is especially important to keep in mind as homecoming and Halloween parties are right around the corner.

A group of high school students from T.C, Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia (VA), are taking action by targeting adults who supply alcohol to minors. The teens’campaign is know as “Sticker Shock,” and participants are placing stickers on cases of beer and other alcoholic beverages that alert adults to the harsh penalties they can receive when providing alcohol to underage drinkers. Deputy Police Chief Hassan Aden told WJLA TV that he supports the effort to drive home the message that supplying alcohol to minors is “not a favor, its illegal.”

Experienced personal injury attorneys with our Virginia Beach-based law firm have represented many victims of drunk driving accidents. The worst part about handling such cases is that the injuries and wrongful deaths caused are preventable. It is good to see a group of teenagers standing up to reduces DUI crashes. Hopefully, adults will heed the message coming from the teens and think twice before buying alcohol for minors.


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