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The controversy surrounding texting while driving is not only a local Virginia (VA) and Carolina (NC/SC) issue but has received national attention as Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood described texting while driving as an epidemic.

A summit was held to address the issue of distracted driving and virtually everyone in attendance was trying to figure out a way to prevent texting while you’re behind the wheel of a car. Well, Michael Adler of a company called Websafety may have developed one high tech solution: software which will disable texting capabilities on a cell phone when driving over 10 m.p.h. by accessing GPS technology and calculating vehicle speed. This texting disabling technology sounded intriguing so I interviewed a Websafety representative to learn more about this high tech method using GPS technology to disable texting.

Q. Tell me about your company, how long has it existed and did your company invent this technology?

A. Websafety has been developing the Websafety Software for the past three years. The product has been available formally for less than 30 days. Yes, Michael Adler, the founder of Websafety, out of Dallas, Texas developed the software.

Q. How does a user implement your product?

A. Once the user buys a year subscription, the user downloads the software through the Websafety website-back office.

Q. Are you selling this to individual users or to cell phone companies, or both?

A. Both – our mission is to stop the use of cell phones in moving vehicles through all different means-as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of deaths caused by text messaging while driving.

Q. Can you tell me about any companies or areas using your products and how it is working?

A. So far we are having great success because Websafety is committed to successful downloading and fulfillment of the software.

Q. What does it cost per user?

A. Depending on the amount of computers and cell phones a family wants protected, anywhere from $149 to $499 per year.

Q. Where can someone learn more about Websafety?


Hopefully, as awareness surrounding distracted driving continues to grow, technology addressing such issues like texting while driving will be made widely available and we can take a step forward in improving driver safety across the nation. Until then, be sure to read more on Websafety and check out our law firm’s special report on distracted driving. It seems to me that large cell phone companies should enable a monthly fee service to disable texting while a vehicle is moving even at 5 mph! What careful parent would not pay a small fee to assure that their teenager using a cell phone on their account must act responsibly?

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    80% percent of all rear end collisions (the most frequent vehicle accident) are caused by driver inattention, following too closely, external distraction (talking on cell phones, shaving, applying makeup, fiddling with the radio or CD player, kids, texting, etc.) and poor judgement. There is not much you can do to prevent one so I got one of these

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    My name is Michael Riemer, and I am co-founder of a company called which has a patented mobile software solution that helps keeps drivers focused on the road and not their cellphones. ZoomSafer is in the business of helping motorists make better decisions, reducing accidents, saving lives, and saving money.

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    We have the solution to stop people-especially kids from text messaging while driving--

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