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firetruck21n-2-webNot all car accidents can be prevented.  But some can.  Often some of the most tragic loss of life from car accidents occurs when teens are behind the wheel.  This was the case for three West Virginia high school students.  16-year-old Krystan Butcher was driving a vehicle southbound when she pulled into the northbound lane attempting to overtake another vehicle. She slammed head-on into a fire truck, killing herself and her two sixteen-year-old passengers as well as injuring three of the six firefighters.

More than 5,000 teenagers die in car accidents every year. That’s why as Virginia (VA) personal injury attorneys we do everything we can to help reduce the loss of life that we are so acutely familiar with.  Part of that effort includes talking about the dangers, and deadly consequences, of distracted driving. Attorney Richard Shapiro and myself participate in a nationwide program called “End Distracted Driving.”  We visit high schools and give presentations to students that included videos of families and friends who suffered the death of loved ones in a variety of distracted driving circumstances.

In addition to educating teens about the dangers of distracted driving our firm also consults with family members about the legal ramifications of a distracted driving wrongful death claim.  We know that many at-fault drivers deeply regret their actions, but still must be held liable for compensatory damages.
Due to the horrific loss of life most families are very unfamiliar with the types of damages recoverable under state laws for wrongful death that results from negligent conduct, including that type of behavior behind the wheel of a car.  In other cases, it is common that friends or family members are in a car together and some families are hesitant to bring a claim, but this is why we all collectively carry insurance policies–to protect us and step up and pay in difficult circumstances.



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    Randy Russelburg

    Good morning!

    My name is Randy Russelburg. I have designed a fundraiser that will be used by the majority of high schools in Virginia Beach. I am currently looking for media exposure, bloggers are a good way to do that, and I know y'all are usually looking for relevant content.

    I feel this fundraiser would follow along with the theme of your blog, would you be interested in a blogger interview for your blog? Or, is this something that is inappropriate to ask a blogger. I am SO new at this. LOL

    Let me know what you think!

    Thanks so much,

    Big Randy

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    Thanks for commenting. What is the nature of this fundraiser that you've created, and how will it be used by high school students? The program that we do (mentioned in the article above) is designed to bring awareness to teens about the dangers of distracted driving. It is about an hour-long presentation that is generally held in the school's auditorium. What is the charitable goal of your fundraiser?

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