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Have you stopped to ask yourself what do humorous cavemen in the modern world have to do with how you decide to go with one insurance company over another? What do funny cavemen have to do with whether the rates offered by Geico, Allstate, State Farm, or any insurance company are fair or whether that insurance company is ethical?

If you answered “nothing” you are right! My partner Jim Lewis blogged on this back in June 2007, and also my partner John Cooper, who blawgs on our sister blawg, has voiced his disgust with these “caveman” ads. I agree with them both. The message of these ads is what? Your insurance company thinks like cavemen? I think not. There is a disconnect here and its an insult to consumers and to all of us, not just to plaintiff’s injury lawyers. If I was an insurance defense attorney for the insurance company running these ads, I would be embarrassed. These ads rank up there in stupidity with the ads run by personal injury lawyers that repeat the words “cash, cash, cash, for you.” The injury tort system is designed to allow fair compensation to those who are injured due to negligence or carelessness, and to cause changes that stop others from being injured in the similar fashion.

The issues that matter in the world of personal injury are which insurance companies are ethical and respectable, and which will fairly deal with your own claim, or a claim made against you. I just do not understand the mentality of the insurance company executives that not only approved these stupid ads, but that continue to profit from the campaign. Surely, there are thousands of consumers that still go to this insurance company, as they must have a “positive” view of the insurer, and are we to assume its because of these ads? You must be kidding! I have a suspicion that these same consumers, who have never had a serious injury, have no idea what happens if they are hurt, and then retain an experienced personal injury lawyer.

First, our client then learns that this same (unnamed) insurance co. hires a lawyer to fight their injury claim tooth and nail. We want a fair and ethical lawyer against us-not a silly caveman, eh? But, the same (unnamed) insurance company may instead be our client’s own insurance carrier. Yes, even in a truck or car accident that our client is NOT at fault in, their own carrier might owe uninsured or additional insurance, such as medical expense benefit insurance. In analyzing the facts of a client’s own injury claim, the thought of funny cavemen is very far from the mind of our client.

My view: insurance companies that never address just why you should make them your insurance company, but instead air TV ads about funny cavemen are a disgrace, and are just as low as plaintiff’s injury lawyers screaming “we get you cash” and ignoring why you should retain one personal injury lawyer over another.

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