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| Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Those who drove on I-83 in York, Pennsylvania in April had an opportunity to see the contribution of a York Tech high school student to National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The Tech senior entered her design for this year’s ‘No Excuses’ traffic safety billboard design contest.

text drive

The anti-distracted driving sign reads in all caps ‘DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE,’ and is pictured above.

The ‘don’t text and drive’ sign was unveiled in York on April 1, and it was posted beteeen North George Street and Emiggsville exits.

The woman, Luzine M. Torres, was one of 44 students who entered the contest from 11 York County high schools. The entries were reveiwed by a panel and then by a group of high school students.

Torre’s design contains blood, text messages and car damage inside the text of the billboard.

Our View

We are glad that some counties in Pennsylvania are holding this type of contest that brings awareness to the dangers of texting and driving, and distracted driving generally.

Our Virginia and North Carolina personal injury lawyers also are glad that the National Safety Council has declared April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Modeern technology gives us the ability to easily make phone calls, type texts and surf the Internet from virtually anywhere, including behind the wheel. This is incredibly dangerous and routinely leads to serious injuries and deaths every week.

For example, an allegedly drugged driver was texting on a cell phone near Leakey TX in late March and driving at a high rate of speed. He crashed and killed 13 innocent senior citizens traveling home in a small bus from a church retreat. 

Our personal injury attorneys strongly suppor harsh punishments for both drunk/drugged drivers and distracted drivers who hurt innocent people.

If you or a loved one have been hurt by a distracted driver, we recommend that you download our indepth legal report on the risks associated with distracted driving. The guide provides helpful information about texting and driving laws in Virginia and North Carolina, and what your legal rights are in event of an accident.

If the negligence of another party leads to serious injury or death for you or a loved one, you should be fully aware of what your legal rights are. You may be able to sue for personal injury damages or wrongful death in a civil lawsuit. For example, we won a family a $3.5 million wrongful death settlement when we showed that a truck driver was responsible for the death of their loved one.

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