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A team of 126 oil rig workers on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico were going about their day when a massive explosion occurred sinking the rig. As of this writing, 11 crewmembers are still missing and feared dead, according to In fact, relatives of the 11 missing workers were informed that their loved ones are assumed dead, according to

The remaining 115 oil rig workers escaped by a life boat, but at least 17 of these workers are seriously injured with three workers in critical condition, according to the Associated Press. They are receiving treatment at hospitals in New Orleans, Louisiana (LA) and Mobile, Alabama (AL).

Here is a video of a news report on this oil rig accident…

This oil rig industrial accident is eerily similar to the recent coal mine explosion in West Virginia (WV) where a group of workers were trapped inside the decimated mine for days and were eventually found dead.

This is a terrible tragedy that puts a spotlight on how dangerous oil drilling and exploration can be for the employees who spend their days on these rigs. They work extremely long hours and are exposed to serious injury while working with dangerous equipment and the volatile weather conditions of the sea.

Offshore drilling is expected sometime in the future in Virginia (VA) and the same risks will be present for oil rig workers off the VA coast. The Washington Post recently wrote an article discussing the potential impact this industrial accident may have on the future of offshore drilling in VA. Fortunately, oil rig explosions and disasters on the magnitude of what occurred on the Gulf are not common, but when they do occur, the loss of life and serious injuries can be devastating.

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    The environmental impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig sinking into the Gulf of Mexico will be felt for years to come. The financial impact is already being felt.

    As it sunk, the rig began spilling tens of thousands of gallons of oil into the water per day. Nearly a half-million gallons have already spilled and the toll could be worse than that of the Valdez accident.

    Fears are that oil from the well on the sea floor will begin making its way to the surface. Just 41 miles from the coast, the rig is situated so that this incident has brought a lot of business to a halt on the seas, and for those who depend on the Gulf along the shores. As the slick spreads across the Gulf, more and more business is impacted each day. This delay is likely to total in the millions of dollars until the site is cleaned.

    And clearly, the impact of sea life in the Gulf is immediate and could be felt for years. Those waters serve as home to numerous fish species and shellfish like shrimp, mussels and oysters we find at markets. Not only is it next to impossible to farm these animals under such conditions, the water quality is sure to be jeopardized by the massive oil spill.

    Please read this site for more information on the environmental and economic damages this explosion, fire and spill have caused:

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