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In a two vehicle crash in Union County, a Charlotte, North Carolina (N.C.) man died while he was driving his “smart car”. The car wreck occurred at the intersection of Beulah Church Road and Antioch Church Road around 9:45 a.m.

N.C. Highway Patrol has reported that Donald Dixon, 81, was traveling in his smart car south on Antioch Church Road and ran through a stop sign. Dixon was then struck by a minivan traveling east on Beulah Church Road. The gentleman died at the scene.

The driver of the mini-van, Linda Gay, 47, and her 13-year-old son suffered serious injuries. They were both transported to Carolinas Medical Center where their condition is yet to be determined.

Driving a smart car might make good economical sense, but is it a smart decision to have one with regards to safety? The rub with a smart car is that the cage design creates its own dilemma. Even though you may not get crushed to bits when you slam into a larger vehicle such as a truck or SUV, you will still likely die.

Your death would not however be from getting crushed between your seat and the steering-wheel, but rather from your internal organs smashing into your skeleton. Since the smart car is designed not to crumple, the impact will eventually be absorbed by your body. Overall, a smart car is probably a safe choice for slower driving, but not something you want to slam into a wall (or another vehicle) with at high speeds.

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